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Summer II

It seems like I am reviving a dead blog. It's been so long. Now, I have no idea how to start writing. Seems like I'll be rambling.
The reason being, I feel that i need to record all the memories of the past two months.
Before I left, questions and statements such as these were fired upon me, "Won't you miss home?", "You're going to miss all of Singapore's food!". 
So, do I long for Singapore?

My first honest answer would be "No". 

I was living in one of the prettiest state with the famous golden bridge. San Francisco.. 
That's where my journey started.

4th July 2012. Independence Day.
We travelled from our various hostels in Berkeley ( since we're studying in UC, Berkeley.), across the Bay Bridge into San Francisco City (Downtown). 


Sep. 11th, 2008

after gab's comment last tuition..
i took a good and full look at myself..
and just mentally observed my behaviour..
these are my findings..:

not me these days.
ignoring..tao-ed lots of ppl.. in school..blah blah..
worse i think i even tao-ed my dear gabriel!!
omg..i hate myself now.
and i nearly tao-ed leo too..
what's wrong with me.

i'm really feeling weird..
i just feel that i'm not gonna make it this promos.
i'm disgusted, angry, maddened, guilty for what i'm doing.
OR what i'm not doing.
studying and revising!
well..at least i've got leo to keep me on my toes..

man..i do miss talking to gab..

note of caution: this product has serious and extreme mood swings.
i tao ppl when i'm not in a very good mood especially if i've got a bad headache..
i really got to do something about my behaviour..
try not to leak out these emotions of mine..

but on the side note..if it's leaking..
can it be because it's filled up?

i apologise to you my dear gab!!
sorry sorry!!
i'll make it up to you okay?
and i owe you..!!
cos i seldom experience such horrendous mood..
super duper dead..

i'm tired..
at times i wonder why did i come to a jc..
or  maybe it was only my jc that's so mugging AND produce little results..

i don't really talk to my bro or parents these days..
don't really see them..
they usually come back earlier than me..
so i don't take dinner with them anymore..
even my grandparents complain that they see less of me..
you wanna know how i ask my parents for something?
i sms them.
that's how sad it is..
when i get home and settled down..
my mom would be alr asleep..
my bro is preparing for bed..
and maybe my dad would go out again..
or he would watch the tv..

i'd lock myself inside the room and...
till late at night..
then sleep..
in the morning?

mom alr left the house..
dad still sleeping..
bro would wake up tgt with me but we taking different routes..

i can't help feeling so distanced from my family..


sekaijuu ikutsu no
ai no katachi arundarou
hitori hitori chigau mono wo
kakaenagara ikiteru

kazoku ya tomodachi ya
onaji GOAL miru nakama
minna ga ite sasaeatte
ima no watashi ga iru no

itsumo soba ni atta taisetsu na mono
kizu kazu ni itakoto shitta

jibun no tame dake ni
ikiru no wa sabishii
sekkaku kono sekai ni
umaretanda kara

Everybody has to say goodbye
sorenara ikutsumono
egao wo anata ni agetai

chiisana koro miteta
atarashii monotachi ga
ima de wa mou atarimae ni
natte shimatteru kedo

toki ga tatsu ni tsurete
me ni utsuru mono subete
kawatte yuku kowarete yuku
demo kioku wa sono mama

kurayami no naka mitsuketa hoshitachi wa
mada kokoro no naka de hikaru

jibun no itami yori
anata ni tsutaetai
nanjuu okunin mono naka deaeta kara
Everybody have to say good-bye
dakara koso sunao ni
takusan egao wo misetai

kagirareta toki no naka de
AH nani ka dekiru darou
donnani kanashii koto tsurai koto mo
kanarazu egao ni kaeru kara

Everybody needs somebody's love
ai ga hitsuyou na no
aisareru koto de mata egao ni nareru kara
Everybody wants to be happy
anata no shiawase wo
inori nagara watashi wa utatteru

How many of the world
A form of love?
Each person different things
Having alive

Family and friends and
Look at the same goal companions
Everyone is so supportive match
I have

Always been important side
He learned the old unawares

Only for himself
Life is lonely
Let this world I was born
Everybody have to say good-bye
Then several
Wants to give you a smile

When I was little watching
New things are
So, I already granted
I lay in

As time goes by
All eyes
Though that changed though broken
But memory is intact

The stars were found in the dark
Still glows in the mind

From my pain
I want to tell
Billions of people to meet in
Everybody have to say good-bye
That's why meekly
I want to smile a lot

In a limited time
What could ah
No matter how hot it is a sad thing
Be sure to change smile
I bet...

Everybody needs somebody's love
Love is necessary
Loved by things that can go from smiling again
Everybody wants to be happy
Your happiness
My prayers are with you sing
i just wanna go back to secondary sch..pls..
i really really can't stand the life in a jc..
it's not the workload i've a problem with..
it's the ppl..
the culture here is so different..
i wnna be where i don't have to think before reacting..
i wanna be where i could be understood..
i just wanna go back..

nono..there's still no one close to me in the jc..
it just seems like i'm being left out..
everyone has their friends..
i don't..
i just can't adapt to the ppl here..
they are sooo different..
there's no one to confide in...
there's no one here i can trust..

this place is so tightening..
i really really wonder how long i could last..
in this place..
it's so different..

pls..the 3/2 years..
pls...be over quickly..
so i can see my friends when we go uni tgt..

Mar. 21st, 2008

 i quote this from boo...
since i completely agree with her on this fact..
"sch is not fun
too many homeworks to chiong
and i still dont feel bonded with my class
somehow,when you mix with diff peo for quite some times,
all you want is to be with your usual clique
doing usual stuffs and usual hangouts "
all i wanna do is hang out with the gang..
and listen to boo's crap at times..
just hanging around with her makes me happy..
cos she understands and can read my mind..(great minds think alike!!)
we have much in common...

you know..i do look forward to tuition days cos i can get to be with my boo..
it's nice being with someone who accept me for who i am..
and i don't have to put on a facade..
People won't judge me..

That's y i don't like new people..okok,..i don't mind making new friends
but it's the judging part..that's the problem..
given a choice i would stick to my old friends..cos we've been through lots..
i can't go high or childish.immature.with my new classmates..
i also can't expect things from them unlike the gang and boo...
our sch culture are just different..the way we bahave and the expectations of ppl are DIFFERENT..
is it a good or a bad thing?
sometimes..i prefer something that i can anticipate..
they would want the serious me..and mature me..
okok..strike that..not they would want..they want the mature me..

homework time..
my fever just broke..
so it's time to do work..

my first post

as stated this is my first post..
be patient leo..
i have not upload the photos yet..
cos my phone is currently a bit crazy
and cos there's too much things happening

Y can't she understand tt mcqs are pretty much brainless?
i meant for my practices..
i've gotten like almost full marks..
(ok,..my almost full marks is just 1-2 marks shy from the "full" marks)
O's mcqs are really really very easy..
unlike our teachers' mcqs..
i don't want to miss a party cos of it!
i will study in the morning..
just let me off at night.

of course she said no.
so i'm going to be a good girl
stay home and study.

i gave in to u..
oh!how much would i like to go for the family-bbq-party
it would be so nice to play with my cousins..
whatever u asked me..
i can't give you an answer..
because you won't understand it.
familiy ties mean sooo much to me
you don't know how i FEEl about it...


NYC, Statue Of Liberty

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